Goals for The New Activist

Ideally, The New Activist blog is two things, It’s a place where I can upload my thoughts and activities relative to liberty, But also where new Ideas can be shared.

Lets start promoting some anarchy.

Maybe we’ve been playing a bit too nice.


3 Responses to “Goals for The New Activist”

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  2. howtowasteyourlife Says:

    I like what you’re doing here =) I’m an aspiring activist, too! It’s great to see more people trying to get involved with issues that are important to us all. I’m a big fan of liberty, but it seems lately that our “freedom” is a total charade.

    It’s time we took control of the government. After all, aren’t these people supposed to be working FOR us? Instead, they’re creating legislation (War on Drugs, anyone?) that turns us into criminals. Then they take away our right to vote so we can’t stop them!

    Check this out, if you’re interested in putting pressure on legislators to reform the cannabis laws in the US:


  3. Nice to see people getting active and putting a site together. The time is now!


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