Property Taxes on cars

First things first, What right would the government have to tax me on property I already own?!!?!??!?!?!? Hello! It’s mine? Anyhow, there’s a reassesment area for those of us who realize we’re screwed by the local government. Slapped a couple of extra pro-liberty stickers on my car (Enjoy! capitalism and Mickey Che from Bureaucrash) turned on the AC which gives a nice rattle to the sound of my engine, and headed down. My taxes on that vehicle are now $O.



3 Responses to “Property Taxes on cars”

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  2. How did the reassessment work? It might be worth my time, considering the mileage I put on my car.

    • The New Activist Says:

      Just a simple drive through, probably one of the most effective set-ups I’ve seen from these jokers.

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