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If you have an iphone (or generally any smartphone) you can get a similar app. Only reason I’m listing this one is because its the one I happened to find. Long story short, it’s like a wiki-cop-detector, it also seems to have a constantly updated list of photo-enforcement areas.  This is one useful item for those of us who’s activities aren’t strictly illegal, but might be best out of sight of our local boys in blue.
you can check it out at

Also check out the online map of reported cops in your area here:

Looking in my area I counted

34 police

33 areas where police were suspected/likely to be

5 confirmed redlight/speeding cameras

and 2 more possible camera’s


2 Responses to “Download this app”

  1. […] Original post by The New Activist […]

  2. Did you notice any correlation with the doughnut shops in the area?

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