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Our favorite lee doren quotes!

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Compiled by Noor (hernoor08 at gmail dot com)

“The fact that the government violates its own laws doesn’t change the fact that it is my government”

“The world that we live in is ruled by force
I just happen to want the force to be in the hands of the best of the worst people”

“The ONLY reason why certain civilizations have stayed in existense was because of might”

“You should accept that might makes right…and that is why we have a government”

“Since America has the most powerful military we are in control”

“I’m willing to have America as the most powerful Nation”

“The government is there to protect life liberty and property”

“What happens next after freedom?”

“Of course I state it over and over…because I have followed history and limited government is necessary”

“The fact that limited govenrment expanded ignored what life was life before govenrment, if you didn’t have a strong government….that is how you became a REAL slave”

“Did I like McCain….no. Did I vote for him over Obama yes.”

“Terrible…McCain’s explaination for the financial collapse was greed”

“Look, you cannot support the Free Market and ignore the concept of trade-offs”

“Look, you’re welcome to dream about a fantasy world that doesn’t exist and base your life on a fantasy, but the world exists as such that the strong win, and it might as well be us”

“My first choice would have been Fred Thompson” [on his pick for 2008 GOP primary]

“I’m sure I define self defense more broadly than most of you”

“Geneva Convensions don’t apply to people w/out unforms”

“i support paying taxes”

“If I can remember, Gogulski I think renounced his US citizenship and declared it as the new manifesto.. in hindsight I should have waited, which is why I stopped everything Friday night which prevented an explanation
No, but renunciation I thought at the time was implicitly going to make it impossible for people to be politically active” [when asked why Gogulski was banned]

“We need to accept that means that Atheists are not longer going to be able to get married”

“I’m for a Constitutional Republic. Utopia doesn’t exist.” [when asked about anarchy]

“I’m for dp for all murderers” [dp = death penalty]

“Mitt Romney.” [stated in response to the question “Who did you vote for in the 2008 Republican Primary?”]

“Since Dec., not one Republican had any power to do anything” [when asked why doesn’t he attack Republicans on HTWW]

“”The truth of the matter is that many of you have nothing better to do and find this a game….in fact, I question your devotion to liberty if there is nothing more important in the world in your eyes than me”

“Why wasn’t this guy shot?” [referring to the Iraqi journalist who expressed his political opinion by throwing his shoes at Bush]

“But, we really need to start to focus on goals
I haven’t heard any of them since I’ve been here
It has all been about going to drinking parties” [referring to Bureaucrash Social]

“Maybe… 10?” [answering the question “how many countries should the US military be in?”]

“Not yet” [on abolishing the FED]

“I’m not sure”/”I have no particular opinion” [on whether US military budget should be reduced]

“I think the government should be in charge of reasonable environmental regulations” – Youtube video

“I removed 9/11 truth stuff” [from BCS]

“I want America to have as many nukes as possible because I want America to be stronger than everyone else in the world.” – Youtube video

“I thought at the time that members who encouraged the renunciation of the United States would make it impossible to have a grassroots movement”

“I don’t find them arbitrary…people died to have those boundaries” [when asked, “what makes the arbitrary political boundaries that define states any more relevant or legitimate than nation-state boundaries?”]

“When we invaded several of the W. Pacific islands, we realized that we were dealing with a death cult…the Japanese soldiers were on suicide missions
In order to end the war we had to defeat Japan
Japan was training their 9-year-olds and women on the mainland to fight with bamboo sticks to the death if we invaded
Even after Stalin attacked Japan, Japan didn’t surrender
We were planning X-day—to invade all of Japan
That meant in order for us to win the War, would have to have killed every man woman and child we saw
So we dropped the first bomb—and they still didn’t surrender
We dropped the 2nd and they did
That saved millions and millions of Japanese lives
It was total Japaneses War where we literally invade and kill every man woman and child or drop two nukes
Surrender was the third option
I choice the Nukes” [when asked if he supported nuking]

“I have anarchist fans that love my stuff on YouTube”

“People were going to be upset no matter who took the position” [of Crasher-in-Chief of Bureaucrash]

“The government is at an all-time power control in this country
and we need to get to first place first”

For those who do not know, Lee Doren is the new leader for Bureaucrash as controlled by CEI, these are quotes from him, compiled from chats, blog/forum posts, and a letter to members of Bureaucrash social.

If these quotes worry you like they do me, check out


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The above site is a blogging portal for the social networking site for liberty minded folks. If you’re not already hip to the jibe, check out the freedom activist network at

test poll

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Where should jason talley eat brains next?


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Through actions taken by those of questionable dedication to the ideas of liberty, we libertarians have had what many of us considered our home — Bureaucrash Social — usurped. The reaction to this Statist coup was swift and united and the risks associated with staying at the site — that ultimately, it is controlled by those willing to use the force of the State (the political process) to accomplish their ends — is all too apparent.
Unsurprisingly, options of how to best move forward have been discussed across many sites and mediums, evidence of our dedicaiton, entrepreneurship and abilities, underscoring what we know — that freedom cannot be entrusted to authority, to a centralized body.
In that vein, we are seeking your input in order to build a more-powerful community where there is no central authority. No one gatekeeper with the power to approve or disapprove of content and ideas they deem questionable or dangerous to their corporate donors. Like Bureaucrash Social was, our new home will be a place where we can learn from each other, build life-long friendships and advance the voluntary society.

Please let us know what idea(s) you have on what this new site should be named by leaving a comment on this post. Please take into consideration that our new community will serve as a home for us radical libertarians and a place for us to introduce these ideas to others.

* Monday – soliciation for new website name/brand as comments to this post

* Tuesday, midnight EST – comments will be closed

* Wednesday, noon EST – name/brands submitted will be placed on a poll on this website

* Friday, noon EST – poll closes

* Friday, midnight EST – new site launches

Be on the lookout!

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I’ve heard rumors of good things coming our (bureaucrash survivors) way. Stay tuned here and to other sites (such as,, and the motorhome diaries) for updates on these developments.


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ALLiance Issue 2 ALLiance Issue 2 Christopher Lentil The second issue of ALLiance a journal of theory and strategy includes a sampling of anarchist/left libertarian thought.

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Non-fiction anarchy zine

Agora! Anarchy! Action! Audio! (borrowed from Mr. Heel)

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The above is a link to the Audio book version of THE NEW LIBERTARIAN MANIFESTO. As read by mr. stateless mike gogulski. If you’re not familiar, I encourage you to check it out, or check out for more information.

This post is pulled almost entirely from a post by Nickytheheel and as such all credit for it’s existence goes to Mr. Heel, Mr. Gogulski, and of course, SEK3 (the writer of the NLM)