What? The New Activist hates people who wear glasses!

Eat the Glasses wearing people!

Eat the Glasses wearing people!

People who wear glasses are evil! They probably lied, cheated, and stole from hardworking people with good eyesight in order to get those glasses! There are people with good eyesight who toil all day long for those evil people in glasses! I say we should no longer accept this! I think their glasses should be broken apart and melted down and distributed to all the people! It’s not fair for those with bad eyesight to have a monopoly on glasses! Eat the visually impaired!


Replace all references to glasses and visual impairments with “rich” or “money” or “jobs” and you’ll see what I’m driving at here.

Hating someone over something as arbitrary as socioeconomic status, or race is unacceptable, why don’t people realize that? The same people who will labour all day long to educate about racism, then go home and have a dinner-table discussion about why being rich is evil.


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