The Problem with Government Healthcare, is not Intervention, The Problem is Government

Now, there’s all this hubbub about how the government is going to get more involved with medicine and the whole world will end. The Government has been involved in healthcare for decades, it’s one of the most highly regulated services in the nation (possibly one of the most expensive too, not that I’m saying correlation is causation). The world is not going to end, Healthcare is going to visit depths of the toilet that we never knew existed, and taxes will reach a level unseen in recent times.

On the positive side, we’ll probably see some inexpensive (and of course illegal) local clinics open up, especially in low-income areas. “How are illegal clinics a good thing?!?!?!” Well, for starters it means that somebody’s child’s stitches aren’t going to cost several hundred dollars for a family who can’t afford it. That sprained ankle won’t be such a problem either.

And you might be able to see a “doctor” who actually cares what happens to you, and knows that you’re his patient and money source.


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