Leech off the state?

Now, there are multiple schools of thought on this, and I’m torn, no questions asked totally torn on this subject. I HATE the state, end of story, no questions about it.

So the question that remains, is should I continue my libertarian party mike stance, and refuse to take government handouts on principle,  or, should I go with the logical pursuit of my goal stance, which is to  suck as much as I can off the state while giving the minimum to it in order to further starve it?

PLEASE tell me what and why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Responses to “Leech off the state?”

  1. Erin Derryberry Says:

    I would not feel bad at ALL taking money from the state and I’m all for starving them as well. Besides the libertarian party isnt even a party of principle any more.

  2. Visit ACORN and get help setting up your illegal business.

  3. I have no qualms about doing so. Anything that harms nanny by draining nanny’s coffers without hurting other working peeps is fine by me. If you take a gubmint job and it gives you insight to how nanny works, you have become a mole.

  4. Brad Taylor Says:

    If you think giving money to the state produces net harm, you should also think that taking money away from the state produces net benefit. Following abstract principles like “avoid contact with the state” may give you that warm glow of moral superiority, but it doesn’t necessarily achieve anything. I’m all for doing what you feel like doing, so long as it doesn’t unjustly hurt anyone.

  5. Kyle Bennett Says:

    This was also discussed here: http://georgedonnelly.com/libertarian/would-it-be-there-anyway

    my answer:

    Government assets are unowned – unless they can be traced back to an individual owner – and thus are subject to homesteading and/or casual use. I have a right to camp out in a national park and claim that portion of it which I make use of as my property. I do not have the power to defend that right, so I won’t be homesteading Yellowstone if I move to Wyoming.

    Beyond that, I won’t use services that are themselves immoral, such as calling the police on my neighbor for his using drugs.

    I won’t use government goods or services that I can reasonably acquire elsewhere, or reasonably do without, on the basis that it is too easy for that to become a habit which undermines my independence.

    I will seek to increase my ability to acquire goods and services outside the mechanism of government, on the basis that doing so increases my independence.

    I will never promote or support the creation of such resources beforehand, on the basis of the NAP itself.

    I will seek always to minimize the effect my consumption of them has on incentivizing the further creation of them.

    I will never sacrifice my life or my well-being to any of the above rules.

    In each concrete case, I have to apply reason to the concrete contextual facts, measured against these contextual rules, the absolute principle of the NAP, and those absolute principles underlying it.

  6. i echo brad’s thoughts. and i’m currently accepting unemployment. i would also add that the state is on a natural course to self-destruction, so i wouldn’t take it’s well-being into account when making your decision. you, as an individual, should act according to what you perceive to be in your own best interest. if fulfilling a philosophical need in your head is a more self-satisfying goal than taking a few bucks from the state then go for it. likewise the inverse.

  7. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

  8. Go Floyd Ferris! Nothing will be more amusing than the day your explanation catches on, and everyone accepting government benefits brags about how they are starving the beast!

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