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SAAAAWHEEEEET! Cops are undergoing training in several parts of the country to learn how to draw blood from potential DUI cases. AWESOME. It’s not like police already have too much authority and abuse that, lets authorize them to jab people with needles too! Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be authorized to check people for this SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA-LEATHAL-DEADLY-TO-THE-MAX swine flu!

They can protect and serve everyone by keeping their blood in little vials! Cause that’s not a bad idea in any way!


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Wow, so, I was banned from Bureaucrash! AWESOME! I assume it was for the somewhat critical blog I posted of lee doren and the subsequent lack of growth that I’ve seen on the site.  Apparently, Lee didn’t take too kindly to that one. Maybe I was too critical, IDK. But Lee still never answered what happened to my fr33agents group on the Bureaucrash website, which just up-and-disappeared one day. He says he has no idea what happened.

I WAS BANNED! Holy schnitzel! I think thats the first time I’ve ever been banned from, uhm, anywhere, especially online! It’s not like I called anyone any names, or made any threats. I just asked why lee hadn’t made good on his promise to attract a thousand new members just by mentioning Bureaucrash on his youtube channel. Oh, I did however, state that the dude had some hubris, which is a statement I stand by.

FR33AGENT founding member Mike Lowry BANNED from Bureaucrash social.

FR33AGENT founding member Mike Lowry BANNED from Bureaucrash social.