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Potential shirt!

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Agorism shirtI need fifteen pre-orders to get this shirt into production! If you want one PLEASE let me know!

This shirt is available either black lettering on white, or white lettering on black!

Order here:

Can’t say when….

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But in the near future, The New Activist will be moving to a more permanent home. Most likely at This is being done for 2 reasons, 0ne, because of the show, two, because rick offered to let me move over there.  No moving date set yet, I’ll let y’all know!

test poll

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Where should jason talley eat brains next?


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Through actions taken by those of questionable dedication to the ideas of liberty, we libertarians have had what many of us considered our home — Bureaucrash Social — usurped. The reaction to this Statist coup was swift and united and the risks associated with staying at the site — that ultimately, it is controlled by those willing to use the force of the State (the political process) to accomplish their ends — is all too apparent.
Unsurprisingly, options of how to best move forward have been discussed across many sites and mediums, evidence of our dedicaiton, entrepreneurship and abilities, underscoring what we know — that freedom cannot be entrusted to authority, to a centralized body.
In that vein, we are seeking your input in order to build a more-powerful community where there is no central authority. No one gatekeeper with the power to approve or disapprove of content and ideas they deem questionable or dangerous to their corporate donors. Like Bureaucrash Social was, our new home will be a place where we can learn from each other, build life-long friendships and advance the voluntary society.

Please let us know what idea(s) you have on what this new site should be named by leaving a comment on this post. Please take into consideration that our new community will serve as a home for us radical libertarians and a place for us to introduce these ideas to others.

* Monday – soliciation for new website name/brand as comments to this post

* Tuesday, midnight EST – comments will be closed

* Wednesday, noon EST – name/brands submitted will be placed on a poll on this website

* Friday, noon EST – poll closes

* Friday, midnight EST – new site launches


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ALLiance Issue 2 ALLiance Issue 2 Christopher Lentil The second issue of ALLiance a journal of theory and strategy includes a sampling of anarchist/left libertarian thought.

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Non-fiction anarchy zine

Lie To Me* New liberty leaning show

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The video below is the season finale to an excellent show entitled “Lie to me*.” The show has shown itself to be fairly liberty oriented, suggesting that one should distrust one’s government, and rely upon themselves for their needs. They broke ground however, with the above episode, in which the lead character tells an FBI deputy director that any government who breaks the law in time of emergency is a dictatorship.Near the close of the show two of the main characters are discussing the illegal bugging of a mosque as a possible recruiting tool for islamic extremists, to which one states “That’s tomorrows problem”……The reply? “How do you think we got to today?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Lie To Me* New liberty leaning show“, posted with vodpod

Ideas do indeed have consequences….

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Ron Paul, in a 1999 letter to the speaker of the house, stated “Ideas do indeed have consequences, Mr. Speaker, and they pick up a momentum all their own.”

This is so very true, and it is against ideas that we fight, not only institutions, but the thoughts that helped create them.

Check out

for more info