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Wow, so, I was banned from Bureaucrash! AWESOME! I assume it was for the somewhat critical blog I posted of lee doren and the subsequent lack of growth that I’ve seen on the site.  Apparently, Lee didn’t take too kindly to that one. Maybe I was too critical, IDK. But Lee still never answered what happened to my fr33agents group on the Bureaucrash website, which just up-and-disappeared one day. He says he has no idea what happened.

I WAS BANNED! Holy schnitzel! I think thats the first time I’ve ever been banned from, uhm, anywhere, especially online! It’s not like I called anyone any names, or made any threats. I just asked why lee hadn’t made good on his promise to attract a thousand new members just by mentioning Bureaucrash on his youtube channel. Oh, I did however, state that the dude had some hubris, which is a statement I stand by.

FR33AGENT founding member Mike Lowry BANNED from Bureaucrash social.

FR33AGENT founding member Mike Lowry BANNED from Bureaucrash social.

Can’t say when….

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But in the near future, The New Activist will be moving to a more permanent home. Most likely at This is being done for 2 reasons, 0ne, because of the show, two, because rick offered to let me move over there.  No moving date set yet, I’ll let y’all know!

Police in FLA use the promise of Government money as a roundup tool

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Read the story HERE


Hows your Police State?

Just another reason not to trust the state. There’s no telling who all they rounded up, some of these people very well may have been horrible people (though I doubt it). Most were probably small time criminals, people who hadn’t shown up in court for their traffic tickets and the like.

The scary thing though is that they used the lure of Federal money to bring people out of the woodwork.  I can’t put a finger on it, but something about that just seems wrong. Maybe it’s the fact that it seems like they’re taking advantage of peoples need to feed their families, pay their bills, and just survive.

We Are Friends

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The Motorhome Diaries crew concocted this sweet compilation of photos from there adventures thus far, with a surprisingly entertaining song playing in the background. Only negative thing I can say of this video? The apple logo they snuck in! Darn macs!

Resist, Rebel, Reclaim!

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New logo from Mike G and his buddy alex, I kinda like it.

Take back, what was stolen from you….

Resist, Rebel, Reclaim

Resist, Rebel, Reclaim

The problem with promoting liberty….

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Is that freedom is a scary concept. Not just for the fact that there is no “Safety net” using money forcibly taken from your neighbors, but primarily due to a fear of ones neighbors. That person next door cannot be trusted! They allow their children to play in the front yard! They have no common sense! Long story short, is people don’t tend to fear government (as they should), they tend to fear their fellow man (which generally they shouldn’t).

I think that this is one of the biggest obstacles to the liberty movement (read agorist movement), is that people are not only distrusting (understandable) but are downright fearful of each other.

DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

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Israeli scientists have shown that they can artificially manufacture DNA Evidence without even physically possessing a sample of someone’s DNA.  But hey, it’s not like the Government would ever manufacture evidence against someone anyways, right? ……Right?

We’ll toss this “Smoking gun” proof of guilt out along with that classic untestable, unproven hypothesis that is fingerprinting.