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Hey folks, I’m not a total slacker!

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I’m working on transferring this blog to this site. As you can see, it’s a total work in progress, but it shouldn’t look too much different from what you see here at good ole’ wordpress. On account of the fact that it’s being built using wordpress.

The Triumphant Return Of The New Activist!

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But have no fear, this sexy blog is not forgotten! If any of y’all are personally familiar with me, you’ll know I’ve been really busy lately. But, while I may not have been blogging, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been busy promoting liberty. I have begun broadcasting once a week from 10pm-12am on wednesday nights. I broadcast with rick caldwell, and you can listen at we’ve got about 9 shows under our belts so far (we did an annex of our 8th show because of massive content overflow). So far it has been an exceptional expierence and has grown much more quickly than I would have expected. I’ve also registered, although I have not yet fixed it up like it needs to be. (actually, right now, it’s a picture of a hot japanese girl and a bunch of random test pages).  But yeah, thats what I’ve been up to, and most of why I’ve been gone for so long.

G20 protests

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Now, I’m all about some free markets, and thats certainly not what we have here, but lets just clear up the fact that my sentiments on government will line up very little with the apparent majority at those protests.

Nice, flex ties, shot-guns, and riot gear.

Nice, flex ties, shot-guns, and riot gear.

That being said, here is the link to 5 videos of police attacking demonstrators with rubber bullets, batons, tear gas, and pepper-spray. As a human being you possess the right to assemble, you have the right to move freely in a public space (God-willing,  public spaces will disappear at some point), and you ABSOLUTELY have the right to protest self-proclaimed rulers. Pittsburgh police reported less than 50,000 dollars in property damage (link), I’d venture to say that much property damage probably occurs any given day in any major city.

The fact is, police barred entry to portions of the city so that a collection of rulers could get together and tell people how to live their lives and spend their money. There is NO justification for any of this.

Whats more disturbing is the apparent left v right trend in opinion on this subject, with many comments on the story being absolutely insane, such as this one.


CHOKE–ya left-wing filth! The first Civil War in America was between North and South. The next will be Left vs. Right, and I look forward to gettin’ in the streets with you trash, and caving yer godd*mn skulls in!

Not bothering to get into the ignorance of the fact that america NEVER had a civil war (definition here), is this really what these people are coming to? What major differences are there exactly, between “left” and “right”?

The New Activist Goes LIVE!!!!!!!!!

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What the heck am I blithering about? Well, I’m going to be a host with Rick Caldwell on the new internet radio show, Infrequently Asked Questions. Things are still in the planning phase, but if everything turns out half as well as we hope, then it’s going to be amazing!

Ricks blog post about it is HERE.

Just for a bit of background info, Rick is a fan of linux, EEE computers, and liberty. The show itself will focus mostly on liberty, but also on whatever happens to fly into rick and I’s brains, which for me may be a lot about comic book movies and guns. We plan on having a lot of guests on the show, hopefully as co-hosts for that particular show.

Ricks blog

Rick Caldwell's Blog,, Currently down for maintenance.


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The above site is a blogging portal for the social networking site for liberty minded folks. If you’re not already hip to the jibe, check out the freedom activist network at

Be on the lookout!

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I’ve heard rumors of good things coming our (bureaucrash survivors) way. Stay tuned here and to other sites (such as,, and the motorhome diaries) for updates on these developments.

Bureaucrash CEI and the youth outreach

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Original Post:
Whoa! Bureaucrash is now Youth Outreach at CEI??????Posted by Michael Lowry on May 31, 2009 at 12:55pm

I Got a Job at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Answering Questions
Posted In: YouTube . By Devil’s Advocate
“Please email if you want to build your Resume and get more involved in your Community. I am currently working on Youth Outreach at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Enjoy!!”

Devil’s advocate is our new CiC’s pen name on copious dissent, and Bureaucrash is somehow now youth outreach. How old is this dude? Like, late twenties maybe? Did anyone mention that BCS has members of EVERY age and race?
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Comment by Lee Doren
No, it is just that my audience on HTWW doesn’t know about BureauCrash yet.

Comment by Michael Lowry
Then you are misleading them sir.

Comment by Rev Lentil
I just posted about this as well. This is another example of the way establishment “libertarians” treat the more principled libertarians.

Comment by Chase
Is your audience all young people Mr. Doren? Because from what I heard you said a few younger – high school, college, and graduate – people had been getting in contact with you.
Also, why dismiss the youth who are already here?

Comment by Cord Blomquist
I’m no longer working for CEI or Bureaucrash, so I haven’t met Lee in-person, but I think we ought to give Lee a chance to get used to the community here and figure out what Bureaucrash is all about. He was hired because he’s dedicated to liberty and limited government and because he’s a good organizer.

Bureaucrash merged with the Competitive Enterprise Institute years ago and Bureaucrash’s focus has historically been “youth outreach,” which is how folks at CEI still talk about the group, so Lee was just repeating what I used to hear around the office all the time.

Once Lee has a chance to meet more people here, he’ll see how much Bureaucrash has grown–a lot of it in only the last eight months since Pete and I started Bureaucrash Social.

And remember, Bureaucrash still finds a lot of its strength in young people who have the time to organize and fight back against government power, so it still has a very young feel. I don’t want to discount the awesome contributions from those who might no longer consider themselves “youths” either as Bureaucrash gets such great contributions to the network from people of all ages.

Anyway, I hope y’all can help me help Lee to see what Bureaucrash is all about, what the community wants to do over the next months and next year, and how we can continue taking the message of liberty to the streets where people really need to hear it.

Comment by Rev Lentil
A good organizer researched before he opens his mouth (or in this case types a sentence). Between Doren’s left-baiting and blog roll, it’s obvious where he comes from. My question remains, why wouldn’t CEI hire a libertarian for the position of Crasher in Chief? Why hire someone is prefers Limbaugh and Malkin to no government?

That’s kind of you to support Doren, but he really should have looked into the group he was leading before he introduced himself. I would suggest that he read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” but he probably wouldn’t be able to get past the fact that Alinsky was on the left.

Comment by Michael Lowry
Hmm, looks like lee was moderating comments on my blog. Or somebody was! That’s really other-than-kosher.

Comment by Xaq Fixx

@Cord, Your comments are not in line with Lee’s statements. I am sure you made them in good faith, but you are mistaken.
He referred to BC as CEI’s youth outreach because he did not want to mention BC by name. He wanted to check things out before ‘his followers’ came over and we (the current users) ‘become a minority.’ He wanted to sanitize Bureaucrash before ‘his followers’ made the move because he could not endorse a site that allowed certain content (advocacy of Non-Voting, drug use or any 9/11 conspiracy stuff). These are his claims, not mine.

He is clearly not dedicated to liberty. Advocacy of a global nuclear superpower, the use of torture, and an interventionist foreign policy simply cannot be considered pro-liberty stances. Censoring this site and limiting what form of pro-liberty activism can be carried out under the BC banner are not the acts of a pro-liberty person.

I don’t think anyone was bothered by the thought of classifying BC as youth outreach, I certainly wasn’t. There was concern about stripping away any autonomy the BC may have (or appeared to have) had. His not mentioning the Bureaucrash Brand by name was taken by many as a slight against the work individuals have put in for Bureaucrash both before and during CEI’s involvement.

Finally you are asking for our help and patience in teaching Mr. Doren what Bureaucrash is all about. However, it seems the same was not asked of him. He did not take time to get to know the organization or think about the way he worded his bio. He said he held disdain for anarchy and anarchists from the very beginning. He avoided questions, or answered them like a politician when honesty was critical. He spoke to the group, and to me, with a condescending attitude. Before asking us to change for him, please consider what he needs to do to be an effective guide and member of the Bureaucrash community.

Yours in Liberty,
Xaq Fixx